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Price up to:
1 - 3000 GBP
3001 - 5000 GBP
5001 - 10000 GBP
More then 10000 GBP
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0-500 m2
501 - 1000 m2
1001 - 2000 m2
2001 - 3000 m2
More then 3001 m2
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Veliko Tarnovo

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Selling Prices:

Important - The solid price of all our properties is the one in Euro . For 18 years Bulgaria is in Currency Board . Rate of the Euro is fixed to Bulgarian Lev - 1.95583 
Selling price is Euro, not pounds. GBP price is for reference only and can vary daily and will be calculated at the day of signing of preliminary agreement !

Viewing trip 

                                  Viewing trip to Bulgaria ?

When you choose some of our properties you only have to get into contact with us – on the phone or by e-mail and we are going to organize your entire trip

Generally we post all available information, but if you need to know anything not already there, just email us and we will do our best to come up with the information you need.

We can book you an accommodation in Bulgaria – basically it’s around 12 pounds/night . No maps or pictures can replace seeing the house and the surrounding with your own eyes.

After you have a plane ticket or date which you will be here in Bulgaria by car we can discus the most suitable way to meet each other.

Our office is in the town of BYALA . It’s equally close to all our properties. There we will show you our database with all the properties available at the moment in the region you are interested in. We highly recommend you spare at least 2 days for viewings. This way you can visit different regions in our country and will be able to view a wide range of properties and to make the best possible choice.

All the costs(money for petrol , etc.) involved with the viewing of  all properties you like to see , once you are here in Bulgaria in our office is No need to be paid from you.

Setting up a Bulgarian Ltd. Company.
04.2012 Company registration is NO more needed for buyers coming from EU if buying 1 piece of land with a house.
If buying more then 1 piece of land then a company registration is needed.

Reserving a property
If you are interested in any of the properties we offer and would like to reserve it, you can choose between a few options to do this:

1.      Bank payment to our bank account A deposit of 500 EUR (non-refundable) which we will forward to the owner of the property. This would be enough to put the property off the market and to secure it for a period of 10 days. After that you will have to pay the balance to the 10percents of the property price and to sign a Preliminary contract with the owner of the real estate property.

2.      Use Paypal


3.      Reserve by cash payment – you can pay directly to the owner a securing deposit which is 10 percents (non-refundable) of the property price and sign a Preliminary contract at the moment of payment , when you are here in Bulgaria.Signing of the Final Ccontract (New Title deed) will be held around 20-30 days after signing of the Preliminary contract. This is the time when you have to pay the balance of the property price to the owner and to sign the new title deeds at the notary public.

As a buyer of a real estate property you will have some additional costs connected with purchasing of the property:

1.      Agency commission - it is 3% of the property price and it is not less than 400 £.

2.      State taxes and notary fees – they should be paid at the moment of signing of the Final contract (New Title deeds).
State taxes are set by the local municipality and may vary depending on the location of the property. Usually they are between 3-5% of the property price , but
not less than 400 £.

3.      Company registration - NOT needed if buying 1 piece of land with a house.

Phone for details: