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Veliko Tarnovo

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Important - The solid price of all our properties is the one in Euro . For 18 years Bulgaria is in Currency Board . Rate of the Euro is fixed to Bulgarian Lev - 1.95583 
Selling price is Euro, not pounds. GBP price is for reference only and can vary daily and will be calculated at the day of signing of preliminary agreement !

Why Bulgaria ? 

Why to choose Bulgaria for your second home ?

Instead of making a novel here we will make a brief summary with all the advantages our country can offer you !

And like nobody else we will point you out of what to be cautious !


Let's put it in a nutshell :

  1. Weather, which is a major reason why many people go to Bulgaria. Summers in Bulgaria are long, with clear blue skies and many hours of bright sunshine. We have more than 300 sunshine days per year !
  2. The cost of living in Bulgaria is very low compared to most European countries. This makes it a very attractive place for cost-conscious purchasers. In countries such as the United Kingdom, many people (particularly pensioners) struggle to survive on a small income when they could be living in comfort in Bulgaria with the same amount of money.
  3. The splendid nature ! Clean water and air, ecologically clean food. There is no contaminating production sector polluting everything alive. Bulgaria is agricultural and touristic country, and one can feed the whole Europe with the food produced here.
  4. Warmly welcoming people
  5. On the territory of Bulgaria peacefully live representatives of various nationalities.
  6. On the 1st of January 2007 Bulgaria  joined the EU.
  7. Ancient and rich history of the country noted for a number of various civilizations, which existed on the territory of Bulgaria at different times.
  8. Geographical position: any European country can be reached by plane within and hour or two, flight to the central part of Russia takes around 3 hours. By the way, such location allows travelling in Europe by car as well.
  9. Internet ,Sat TV , home phone coverage , Electricity , main water supply and everything you need for your business and pleasure is available in 90 % of the houses in Bulgaria

And much more ........

All that is true and you will see it by your eyes once you are here ! But off cours there are thing which you need to be cautious off !

The cost of living in Bulgaria is very low compared to most European countries. And you can understand that some things are not going to be the same like in UK.

  1. The infrastructure ( roads) are not in good conditions in every village . 
  2. Big hospitals are in the Big , District Cities . In the villages you can find medical person , in some places dentist come over twice a week . But for something big you need to be close to the big city in the area !
  3. Now there are thousands of houses for sale in whole Bulgaria . Main reason is because no young people are living there and such villages are "dying " . Most of the agents will never told you that . For us this is important . We dont stop working , helping and speaking with our clients once the deal is done . We are proud that manage to make Brit society in lot of the areas , which homogeneous lives with the locals.

This are the most important things which you need to know . Of Course on daily basis some other small issues can occur . We always tell our clients that it's very useful to have someone in your village or area who is from your country , speaks your language and already done everything which will be new for you . They can guide you and help you a lot in your adventure of making your new property a real home .

Let the dream of finding home here in Bulgaria become reality . For the last 8 years we are fully committed achieving that goal !

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