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Veliko Tarnovo

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Important - The solid price of all our properties is the one in Euro . For 18 years Bulgaria is in Currency Board . Rate of the Euro is fixed to Bulgarian Lev - 1.95583 
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House for Sale
Property for sale in Bulgaria Cheap rural bargain house for sale in Bulgaria rural destination genuine offer
Ref: KR010
Price: £ 4395
4884 EUR
Bedrooms: 4
Area: 100 m2
Plot of land: 2000 m2
Village: Malak Preslavets




near river Danube No gypsies real bargain for that village Reduced price Reference by client available very good condition
Key features:
*4 bedrooms
*Big plot of land - 2000 sq.m
*clsoe to river Danube
kingdoom of water lily

Full description:
We are pleased to offer this property on Danube riverside.5 km. to a nature reserve - 50 acres of water lily on the Danube riverside, 30 km. from Srebarna nature preserve.

This property is situated in very nice and high part of the village offering a lot of privacy , fresh air and good view.

Solid house of 100 sq.m. Land of 2000 sq.m.
All the floors are with wooden looking laminat5.Improvements. nice well. Outbuilding.
*4 bedrooms
*water well

The property is situated 43 km from the city of Silistra.

The paradise for this of you keen on hunting and fishing. Food shop.

We realize and respect the importance of decision to buy a property in our beautiful country and the will to make that house to yours second home here in Bulgaria, and we always aim to provide those interested in properties in our country with as much information as possible. Nowadays there are thousands of houses for sell all over Bulgaria , but unfortunately most of them are in bad villages , regions and is no point making the mistake of buying house like that ,even the temptation in low prices. That’s why our goal is to propose you the best houses we can in good , peaceful villages with no gypsies , beautiful nature . We don’t sell houses from all over Bulgaria , we primary offer houses in few villages but already checked for all the criteria’s above . We are very satisfied that all our clients lives happily for more than 4,5 years in that villages , not trying to get rid of the houses as soon as see the real life in the area.
In some of that places we sold more than 20 houses and for everybody who going to buy a house in that area its getting much easily because:
- Always can speak and discus basic issues and problems from everyday live with somebody on your own language.
- You want to do something , somebody already done it and can give you friendly advice from first face .
- You are tired of sitting alone in your house , you always can chat with the other Brits ( Bear in mind that there are villages in Bulgaria with no Brits in it , so villages with British society is a big plus)
- And much more advantages of course..
We also know that the big step moving to a different country needs great research and brings loads of questions.
Feel free to ask any questions.
We also realize the great responsibility of being the ones, who help right at the start for you getting a home in Bulgaria! We believe loyalty and trust are essential in each relations with everyone , we know and believe that this relationship is not over once we sold you are house , we help your clients as much as we can after the process is done and over . Money “come and goes “if I may say but trust and reputation are the most valuable things in live and business .
As soon as you confirm interest in some of our properties we will organize the entire process right from the beginning:
1. Once dates for visits are set we could help with arranging accommodation, pick up from airport (or provide bus coach schedules);

2. We do viewings trips free of charge once you are in our office to the different villages .
3. Excellent negotiating skills developed through the years of practice

4. We check the legal matters concerning the desired property (checks up of ownership, renewal of documents, etc.);

5. We prepare a preliminary contract, as well as we give an option to complete the purchase on your behalf through authorization given to a representative of the agency (or solicitor);

6. All documents, incl. the title deed signed at purchase are translated in English;

7. After sale goes through, we declare ownership in front of the respective tax office by area, as well as change utilities (water and electricity) into your name.

We will be happy helping you with the “ adventure” of finding yours second home here in Bulgaria.

Kind Regards !

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Property for sale in Bulgaria , Property in Bulgaria for sale , cheap house for sale in Bulgara , rural house for sale in Bulgara. Rural properties near , rivers and preserves.

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